manoel horta ribeiro

about me

I'm a 3rd year PhD student at EPFLπŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ working at dlab with Robert West. My research uses a diverse methodological toolkit to characterize troublesome online phenomena and to assess how moderation policies and recommendation algorithms can improve our online information ecosystem. I received my B.S./M.S. in CS from UFMGπŸ‡§πŸ‡·. I'm also a member of iDrama🎭.


2021-11-02 πŸ“œ Paper out at Nature Scientific Reports: "Volunteer contributions to Wikipedia increased during COVID-19 mobility restrictions" (link)
2021-10-25 🎬 Presented our deplatforming work at CSCW (link)
2021-10-14 πŸ† "Do Platform Migrations Compromise Content Moderation" received a Best Paper Honorable Mention Award at CSCW 2021 (link)
2021-08-25 πŸ“œ Paper out at Nature Communications: "Deep neural network-estimated electrocardiographic age as a mortality predictor " (link)
2021-06-27 🎬 Presented our deplatforming and our Wikipedia + COVID-19 work at IC2S2
2021-06-08 🎬 Presented a couple of papers at ICWSM2021 in (photo)
2021-06-07 β˜€οΈ This summer I'll work with Justin Cheng @ Facebook
2021-04-23 πŸ† I have received a Facebook fellowship award to continue my ongoing work on understanding and improving our information ecosystem (link)
2021-04-13 πŸ“œ Paper accepted at WebSci 2021: "Are Anti-Feminist Communities Gateways to the Far Right? Evidence from Reddit and YouTube (link)
2021-03-24 πŸ“œ Paper accepted at CSCW 2021: "Does Platform Migration Compromise Content Moderation? Evidence from r/The_Donald and r/Incels" (link)
2021-03-19 πŸ“œ Dataset paper accepted at ICWSM 2021: "YouNiverse: Large-Scale Channel and Video Metadata from English-Speaking YouTube" (link)
2020-11-20 πŸ† My MSc thesis was won 3rd place in the SBC (Brazilian Computing Society) Master Thesis Awards (link)
2020-07-15 πŸ“œ Two papers accepted at ICWSM 2021: "The Evolution of the Manosphere Across the Web " and "Sudden Attention Shifts on Wikipedia During the COVID-19 Crisis" (link) (link)
2020-04-09 πŸ“œ Paper out at Nature Communications: "Automatic diagnosis of the 12-lead ECG using a deep neural network", check photo for picture of 1/4th of authors (link) (photo)
2020-01-28 🎬 Presented "Auditing Radicalization Pathways on YouTube" at FAT*2020 in Barcelona (link)
2019-12-17 πŸ† "Auditing Radicalization Pathways on YouTube" was considered one of the top 100 most influential papers in 2019 (3rd in Computer Science) (link)
2019-11-20 πŸ“œ Paper accepted at FAT*2020: "Auditing Radicalization Pathways on YouTube" (link)
2019-08-31 πŸŽ’Moved to Switzerland to do my PhD @ EPFL! (photo)
2019-08-13 πŸŽ“ Defended my MSc Thesis: "Misinformation, Radicalization and Hate Through the Lens of Users" (photo)
2019-05-19 🎬 Presented "Message Distortion in Information Cascades" at the TheWebConf 2019, in San Francisco (link) (photo)
2019-01-21 πŸ“œ Paper accepted at TheWebConf 2019: "Message Distortion in Information Cascades" (link)
2018-10-24 πŸ† Google will be sponsoring my MSc research through their Latin America Research Award (link) (photo)
2018-07-01 β˜€οΈ This summer I'll work with Bob West at the Summer@EPFL program (link) (photo)
2018-07-22 🎬 Presented "Characterizing and Detecting Hateful Users on Twitter" in ICWSM 2018, at Stanford (link)
2018-03-22 πŸ“œ Paper accepted at ICWSM 2018: "Characterizing and Detecting Hateful Users on Twitter" (link)
2017-08-12 πŸŽ’ Attended the Cornell, Maryland, Max Planck Pre-doctoral Research School (photo)
2017-08-01 πŸŽ’ Joined UFMG MSc program
2017-07-26 πŸ† Won Best Graduating Student Award for my BSc degree at UFMG
2017-07-19 πŸŽ“ Got a BSc in Computer Science from UFMG in a super formal ceremony (photo)