I’m an incoming PhD candidate at EPFL, in Switzerland. I’m have defended my MSc in Computer Science at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. During my masters I studied complex social phenomena such as hate speech, fake news and user radicalization through the lens of users. I also did an awesome internship at EPFL with Robert West, it was pretty awesome (paper). During my undergrad, I explored a wide variety of topics under the supervision of Wagner Meira, with projects such as: characterizing the video-game livestreaming community on Twitch.tv; improving probabilistic graphical models for gesture and activity recognition; prototyping a tool for exploring the trajectories of patients with cervical cancer. On the industry side I have interned as a software developer at Microsoft Research Center for SNUI, in Melbourne (where I was an exchange student at University of Melbourne), and worked on SweetZpot, a norwegian-based IoT startup.